The Beach of Moesgaard

I have recently purcased a set of Lee filters for my camera, hence I wanted to give them a through test so I packed my back and went to the Beach.

The Beach

Over the past week I have been testing a new set of filters. Here I have been focusing on long exposure photographs. Meaning that one will get dreamy looking water when photographing the motion. On this particulary day the Wind were blowing from the East meaning hitting the shore right on. This ment that there were plenty of waves hitting the shore. The coastal line has been secured with wave breakers made out of big rocks.

Sunset vs. Lee BigStopper
Sunset at the Beach shot on a Nikon D3 using a  50 mm @ f 11 ISO 640 and a shutter speed of 60 seconds with a Lee Big Stopper Filter and an ND graduated aswell as a polarizer.

These rocks presented a nice contrast to the wild ocean.  Giving a fussy effect to the image. However the rocks are not presented totally crisp, since I need a shutter release, I have been looking at the Pulse from Alpine Labs (Alpine Labs).