deer me, come with me to the forest

During this sad grey and misty January in Denmark, there has not been much room for going out with the camera. However, I needed to get some images and what better than to head for the forest to see if I could get a shot or two of some deer. This particular morning the weather was as it has been all year in Denmark, cloudy and sad as described in my most recent blog post; Bad weather equals nothing to do?

Hence I was not sure to get nice images, but the clouds and the mist actually turned out in my favor, providing me with mysterious backgrounds. The first image I captured was one of two deer bull testing their strength. They were only second-year offspring, and nowhere near the strength of a fully grown deer bull. below you can get an idea of the scenery.

male deers fighting
A test of strength between two deer

The deer park of Aarhus is mainly inhabited by two different kinds of wildlife. One is the sika deer (Cervus nippon), as well as the fallow deer (Dama dama), besides the deer one can experience wild boars. The deer park tends to be very crowded from the early morning to late in the afternoon, hence it is quite difficult to get good reliable photographs without any persons in. However, it is a good place to practice photographing wildlife, in conditions where they are not afraid of you.

male sika deer
Big male fallow deer

The park is public domain and there is no entrance fee. You are allowed to feed the deers with carrots and apples, they tend to favor apples.

You can find relevant information on the park site Deer Park Marselisborg – official website